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Frightful Friday #1

Welcome to my first Frightful Friday! With Spooky Season upon us, this is the perfect time to share some chilling selections. Some I have on offer, for others I will provide a link.

As of today, you can find a signed first edition of Slade House by David Mitchell in my shop.

Deliciously spooky, Slade House is perfect reading as the days creep toward Halloween. It is, as Anthony Doerr put it, "a Hansel and Gretel for grown-ups". Reminiscent of Coraline, someone special is lured inside through a small iron door in a brick wall every nine years, never to come back out. When their loved ones go looking for them, there is no door in the wall and no such house on the other side of the wall. It's a house so haunted, you can't find it, unless it wants you to.

You think you won't be tricked. You think you're smart enough to realize when something's too good to be true. That's what the residents of Slade House are counting on. You won't see how wrong you were until it's much too late.

The clever die-cut cover opens to reveal a map of the house with a seemingly infinite staircase. The sticker on the front is silver, despite appearing pink in the photograph.

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