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That Sky, Though

The grey, misty days are finally giving way to blue skies and warmer temps. Although the vegetation around our shop and homestead is still slumbering, the sky takes my breath away. It makes me want to do all the things RIGHT NOW. I am lured outside while simultaneously wanting to spend all day photographing all the beauties waiting to be added to the online shop.

I feel guilty if I'm not outside enjoying the weather, but also guilty if I'm not addressing responsibilities that require me to be indoors.

Fortunately, Lola the Hunting Dog needs a long walk every day, so I can indulge in a nature walk guilt free.

Our daily walks are also an unofficial part of our homeschool routine. It's like PE and nature studies rolled into one. I'm going to miss spending time together like this when my son goes back to public school in the fall. Then, again, who knows? The past year has shown all of us that the wildly unexpected can and does happen.

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