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The Red One by Jack London

The Red One by Jack London

The Red One is a collection of short stories by Jack London also including The Hussy, Like Argus of Ancient Times, and The Princess. The title story was first published in the October 1918 issue of The Cosmopolitan, two years after London's death. The collection was reprinted in the same year by MacMillan. 


Narrated by Bassett, a scientist, The Red One refers to a giant red sphere worshipped by an isolated tribe of headhunters. While set in London's typical wilderness survival milieu, the story itself is an example of early science fiction mixed with elements of Conrad's Heart of Darkness


The Hussy is a tall tale of a giant gold nugget and a beautiful native woman recounted by a Nebraska railroad man. 


Like Argus of Ancient Times  is a charming story of an elderly underdog, who seeks to rebuild his fortune in the Klondike. "And why can't a man succeed after he's seventy?" John Tarwater strikes out for his goal, despite his family telling him he's crazy.


In The Princess, three one-armed hobos (the vernacular used by previous generations to describe itinerant homeless men) swap stories of how they each lost their limbs and married a princess. 

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